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I’m a Professional Front End Developer with a passion for WordPress.


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I work with WordPress nearly every day in one shape or another.  I develop themes & plugins from scratch or modify them to suit a project’s needs.


HTML5 is the hottest markup since sliced bread.  I have used HTML5 markup in various projects from WordPress theme development to static HTML & css projects.


I use css on a daily basis.  From basic css practices to the latest in css animations, etc.  I am a css fiend.  I slay elements with css all day long and love it!


I use php nearly every single day.  Being a WordPress Developer, I use php daily.  I use my php machete to forge ahead without hesitation.

My Day In A Nutshell

I’d love to add a graph for how much time I spend blogging, but as you can see by looking to your left, I don’t spend a whole lot of time blogging, like I should.  I’m hoping to start slicing some time away every week in order to share bits here and there, but the truth is I’d rather be coding than blogging.


  • Coding 70%
  • Learning New Awesomeness 20%
  • Reading About Coding 10%

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I love talking shop.  If you have a project that you need a Developer for, give me a ring.  I’m always looking for that next awesome project to work on.


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